How to win every monthly Fitness challenge that your Apple Watch throws at you

  1. Know how far away from the goal you are
  2. Know the minimum to accomplish for today
  3. Do the actual work

Fitness Challenge Tracker helps you with the first two by tapping into HealthKit, visualizing your data, and coaching you with achievable daily targets.

App Store reviews

🇺🇸 Excellent! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What a great help to track your Fitness goals! I often have a hard time tracking down if I missed a goal or not, and this has helped tremendously! I really hope in a future update to track the "special" badges! I often miss the Parks challenge because I can never remember what day! This app seems to do a great job with visual cues and would love to see that feature!

🇭🇷 Great! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This app help me get moving. It was actually the reason why I started to collect all the badges on the monthly Activity challenges. Well done!

🇭🇷 Got me off the couch. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

And it is really a cosy couch. Totally worth it.

9 Essential Facts

Astonishing simplicity
It's so simple to use that it might seem like a missing feature of Apple's Fitness app.
Absolute privacy
Does not collect, save or transmit any of your data. It won’t even ask you for all the Health reading permissions upfront. Just one at a time.
Effortless tracking
It only takes a couple of seconds to set up your challenge, and for the rest of the month you can just stay active and check your progress whenever you feel like it.
Always up-to-date
Every time you switch back to the app, fresh insights will already be waiting for you. That's how a spot on the Home screen is earned.
Your secret to success
Lose weight by tracking calories. Get rich by tracking spending. And get your shiny Fitness awards by tracking your progress.
No cheating
It’s not cheating if it saves you from using a calculator or sitting down in front of a spreadsheet (yeah, some of us did that).
Small footprint
Small in size and very low on the battery usage list, this is one of the last apps you'll reach for when cleaning up your iPhone.
Pledge of support
Any new monthly challenges that Apple introduces will be supported in as free updates. Until Apple's app renders ours obsolete, that is.
Not tested on animals
Tested on real people. However, a certain golden retriever did get a lot more walks during alpha and beta testing. She did not mind one bit.

How to use

Step 1.

Find your challenge
in Apple's Fitness app

Your monthly challenge in Apple's Fitness app

Step 2.

In this app,
select what your challenge is

Main menu, list of all supported monthly challenges

Step 3.

Enter the amount
required for award

Screen for entering required amount

Step 4.

See your progress
at any time

Progress display and insights for staying on track

...and that's all, folks!

Simply leave the app open on the progress screen, and come back whenever to see your progress.

Or add a widget to your home screen 😉

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